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Currently Available Software

Available Software: List

Lessons Learned


Intuitive software allows a company to more formally manage their lessons learned by taking the process from the quickly forgotten, all-too-common handwritten list or spread-sheet to a formal program.

Outage Planning


A comprehensive and easy-to-use outage preparation tool to allow Outage Managers, Asset Managers, and Engineers to optimally manage the significant number of actions related to outage and plant turnarounds.

Available Software: List



Optimally manage regulatory requirements, internal policies and standards, lender mandates and other compliance requirements with a user-friendly application. This application not only schedules your actions via email alerts, but also tracks and reminds personnel prior to the due date.

Available Software: List

Mergers & Acquisitions


An intuitive configurable application designed to promote the continuous improvement strategies desired by a company involved in mergers and acquisitions. This tool allows one to make subtle selections that build out an easy to use script for the integration process. Managers can optimize the coordination and communication of M&A processes through the tools from anywhere and on any device.

Available Software: List
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